We are the leaders in innovation and customization by differentiating our best practices from all other chip manufacturers around the world. We offer to our customers a line of customized chips by enhancing our chips with vitamins and protein fortification:                
o    Vitamin A
o    Vitamin B
o    Vitamin C
o    Vitamin D
o    Vitamin E
o    Multi-vitamins (combo of vitamins)
o    Protein (Pea Protein enhancer), Quinoa Chips or Red Bean Chips combined with our Protein fortification will allow for 16 gms of protein per 1oz bag

• Cassava Chips
• Black Bean Rice Chips
• Mung Bean Chips
• Quinoa Chips
• Red Bean Chips


Available flavors:                
o    Original
o    Sweetie hot
o    Salt and vinegar
o    Rosemary garlic
o    Coriander sea salt
o    BBQ
o    Cheese
o    Seaweed
o    Wasabi
o    Black Pepper


Cassava Chips Compared to Potato Chips

cassava-potato chips comp

o    2x the fiber of leading potato chips
o    Dairy free
o    No trans fat
o    Gluten free
o    No cholesterol


For more information please contact:
Norman Suh
Charlton Natural Foods, LLC.
8277 Kendall Dr, Huntington Beach
California 92646.
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